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May 16, 2006

OFWs, DAR and Land Developers

There was a relatively big agricultural land in Cavite for sale that a group of OFWs intended to buy so they could start a farming business, raise some livestocks and have a space to build their houses on.

They were adviced to talk to the Dept. of Agrarian Reforms to get more information since they're planning to convert a portion of the land being used for rice farming for personal use. They were told that they could not do that due to some regulations and was discouraged of their plans.

Just a few months later, those same parcels were bought by a developer at a rumored cheaper price than what the OFWs offered and converted it into a subdivision. Adding insult to injury, the OFWs were then asked later on if they want to buy a house and lot on that subdivision.

The CALABARZON (Region IVA) area has been piping hot for real estate developments during all these years and most OFWs were not even given a chance to purchase some lands because they were offered to developers instead. What I meant was that the developers made it happen that the land parcels were only offered to them. How did they do that? You could take a wild guess ang give an obvious answer….. How hard it is to speculate when you see some DAR officials and its regular employees whose new and big SUVs are parked on their fancy houses.

I hope that somebody from DAR (the calabarzon area at least) will prove me wrong. And they should !


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